Membership Levels



  • Basic Members are locking in a fixed annual renewal rate of $75.00 each year that you renew.

  • Once a Basic Member chooses to not renew, and returns at a later date, their membership level will be at the current Basic Member Rate.

PATRON Member ($250*) 

  • Patron Members are locking in a lifetime membership with NPE Friends Fellowship.

 BASIC and Patron Membership levels

*Basic and Patron Members are currently funding the start-up costs and daily operations of NPE Friends Fellowship. Thank you!

Membership Qualifications

1. You discovered in adulthood that one (or both) of your parents were not your biological parents:

  • Due to a DNA test result.

  • Due to a confession by one or both parents (DNA test results are pending).

EXAMPLES:  LDA (Late Discovery Adoption), LD-DC (Late Discovery Donor-Conceived), other late discoveries, such as products of extra-marital affairs, one-night-stands, assaults, surrogate-conception, illegal adoptions, child abductions, switched-at-birth, etc.

  • OR - this discovery occurred to someone very close to you, such as your spouse, your parent, your grandchild, your cousin, your aunt/uncle, or a very close friend, and you are wanting to learn more about the NPE experience to be able to better support your loved one who had this unexpected discovery.

2. You join with a desire to get your Peace back and will do the work necessary to achieve this.


Examples of Membership Exclusions

  • Aware since childhood that you were adopted, donor-conceived, or born from a surrogate.

  • Raised by other family members and was always aware of who your biological parent(s) are.

  • You discovered an NPE on your family tree occurring to your great-grand parent or farther back. Support is provided for those personally impacted by this discovery or by those close enough to them to offer emotional support to them. A great-grandparent or beyond is too far removed to qualify.

    (EXCEPTION: If you had an established bond for some time with your assumed bio-parent and/or their family, and a DNA test confirmed either of them were NOT your bio-parent, you would qualify for membership).

If you do not fit any of this criteria, and would like to still be considered for Membership, please complete the application providing us with the specifics of your situation to be reviewed.

Membership Benefits

  • Bond With Others - participate on an intimate level with others on the same NPE path.

  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group  - Designed for Members Only and available 24/7. Opportunity to read articles pertaining to our NPE journey and learn about each other's own personal story and how they have healed from their discoveries so far. Sharing of photos from family meetings and celebrations.  And, a chance to show off your own writing skills when you write your own article or story.

  • Library Access - Coming Soon - Our Library contains links to beneficial websites (such as within the mental health community).  It also has our private files, which include a list of all our members and their general location (City, ST, Country), our GEDMATCH Numbers Database (for seeking DNA connections within our Fellowship), and general templates of recommended letters and checklists of things to do or decide on before First Contact with the new bio-family.

  • Buddy System - Seek out a Buddy and volunteer to be someone else's Buddy.

  • Meet & Greet Opportunities - Meet other Fellowship Members in person at event scheduled in major metropolitan areas worldwide.  Share stories, hugs, tears and laughter.  Build new real and meaningful friendships.

  • Newsletter - Access our quarterly newsletter.  Be a guest feature writer.

  • Committee Activities - Coming Soon - Volunteer to participate in future Committee activities.

  • And more! 

What does my contribution support?

In 2018-2019, the Fellowship financially supports:

  • Initial Start Up Costs (In the establishment of DNA NPE Fellowship.)

    • Costs associated with obtaining 501(c)3 status

    • Purchasing website name and establishing website maintenance

  • DNA Test Kit Grant Program - Donation of kits to those who financially qualify 

  • Travel Funding Grant Program - Donation of travel allowances for meeting new family

  • Event Expense - Logistics for conferences, special events, meet and greets, etc.

  • On-going Administrative Costs

What is The Buddy System?

We view The Fellowship as a pseudo-ICU.  Each member comes into our Fellowship as both a patient and a healer.  We each are drawn here seeking the comfort and healing we need, but we – in turn – act as healers for our fellow members through compassionate interaction.  As such we have created our own internal Buddy System.  Whenever a member needs someone to lean on, they may request a BUDDY to assist them in whatever their need is in regards to our Mission. 


  • Searches – To assist in the research of their family tree, DNA matches, etc, and work towards finding out who the biological parent is conclusively.

  • Contacts – To assist in the *First Contact* with biological family and how to approach them to garner the most positive outcome.  The Contact Buddy may, when convenient to all parties, accompany you to meet your biological family for the first time – as your moral support person.

  • Wisdom – To offer their words of wisdom when requested.  Sometimes we need a sounding board to get our feelings out in the open in a safe place.  Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees and it helps to have someone who can be a little more objective offer their perspective of your situation to help you see it clearly.

  • Writers – To assist in sorting out your thoughts in writing to get everything you want to say to your biological family member as succinctly as possible.  Writing Buddies also encourage journaling our feelings in a way that relieves the anxieties we face while working towards healing.

The greatest gift to receive from one of our Buddies is the knowledge that this is another kind of family that has your back, that shows you that you can survive this shock, that shows you how to get your Peace back, and holds your hand through the whole process.  Our Buddy System is our way of assuring each member knows that they are not alone.  We truly understand how you feel.

Click here for the Membership Application.

Membership Process

1. Complete the Membership Application. 

All information you share will be treated confidentially.  We do not *sell* member contact data to ANYONE.  It is for the administration of this site's use ONLY.

2.  Your application will be reviewed. 

If the administrator has any additional questions, you will be contacted via email or the phone number you provide on your application in order to complete the approval.

3.  Once you are approved, you can expect to receive a PayPal Invoice for your membership dues via the email address you provided on your application.  The invoice will be for the membership level you selected on your application.

4.  After you complete the transaction, you will be added to our Members Only Secret Facebook Group where you will be connected to a Buddy, with other members and begin unlocking more Members Only benefits.